i’d rather by happy than typical

As you get to know me, you will learn the hard truth that I like “lines”. Not cheesy, pick up lines, come on! Although hubby tries those every now and then, along with a rooster-style tap dance around me – and neither work. Ever. When my roosters do this dance around the hens, it doesn’t work for them either. Why am I not surprised?

Silly boys.

No – not pick up lines! Lines, as in movie lines, song lines, quotes…you know…lines.

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she’s an old hippie

“She’s an old hippie
And she don’t know what to do
Should she hang on to the old
Should she grab on to the new
She’s an old hippie
This new life is just a bust
She ain’t trying to change nobody
She’s just trying real hard to adjust”

How many of you can say you know  this song by The Bellamy Brothers? Technically, it should read, “he’s an old hippie”, but since I am a she, I changed the lyrics above. It came out in 1985. Thirty-three years ago. The same year Back to the Future came out.

Back to the Future.

Almost goes hand in hand with the song.

Now, not that I endorse the above song and it’s subtle way of accepting drug use, nor do I believe in time machines made out of Deloreans, but I sure do remember singing “Old Hippie” when I was younger – and as I became older and found that I enjoyed being a modern day hippie (aka wannabe). I liked the the song as it told of the progression of someone who lived as a hippie, then one day had to grow up and grow out of it.

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believe in miracles. and vinegar water…

As time goes on, and life goes on, our experiences begin to pile up. Some good. Some bad. Some happy. Some sad. Some happen on a train. Some happen on a plane. [ ok, enough Dr. Suess ]. All of our experiences impact us, in profound ways. Some impact us in a positive way, and others impact us in a negative way. The beautiful thing is the sum of those experiences get us to where we are right now. I don’t know your physical location, or what day it is that you are reading this, but your experiences have led you here – now. As for me, as I write this I am sitting in my bed, on a seemingly endless conference call, with people both in the states and not, trying not to fall asleep and passing the time by writing about my miracle – and vinegar water… Regardless, my life experience has led me to this place in life. On this conference call. Writing a blog post. Let’s take look back to get a glimpse into the miracle(s) that got me here. Continue reading “believe in miracles. and vinegar water…”

nothing but a suit

In our home, day to day conversations usually have a good dose of movie lines in them. Now, to some this is odd, but when I was growing up and living at home this was common, if not normal. It gave us perspective of things going on around us that was clear to all who knew where the movie line came from.

When we were all crammed in our small family room with extended family on Christmas trying to open Christmas gifts, someone would inevitably and casually say, “We need a bigger boat.”

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and so it begins…

(photo from June 2012, 37 years old, after climbing a 50 ft rope wall and riding the zip line)


It’s January 1, 2018.


As always, time goes so fast these days, but these past 4 months, since we decided to take this road trip, well, just flew right by!

Up until now I had other things I needed to concentrate on.  Things that were higher priority than thinking about a year-long road trip. Family vacation. Family birthdays. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Shutting my business down. You know – those kinds of things.

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time. and my why. kari.


The fact that I’m sitting here writing a blog post about why my family and I will be packing up a 5th wheel and traveling the United States for a year, reminds me of that handsome adventure I married 17 years ago.

I’ve always thought of myself as somewhat of a free-spirit, even though it’s probably more along of the lines of “I wish I were a free spirit” – but still my imagination has made me a modern day hippie in so many ways. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to travel. I always thought it was because we didn’t do much traveling as a family when I was growing up. We did make some weekend jaunts to Wyoming for family reunions and we loved our long drives in the mountains, visiting old mining towns and cities. Other than that, travel wasn’t a part of what we did. Don’t believe me? My first commercial airplane flight was when I was 25 and that was flying to Mexico for my honeymoon. Exactly.

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